As bacterial infections from the male partner can endanger the microbiome of the vagina and cause infections and complications during pregnancy, it makes sense that given the chance we always test both partners in parallel. We also want to avoid reinfection between partners after treatment. Furthermore, relatively common infections of the male genital tract can have a detrimental effect on sperm quality. Bacterial infections of the male accessory sex glands correlate with the decline of semen analysis (Spermiogram) parameters such as motility, morphology, fertilizing capacity and seminal plasma markers, such as elevated seminal leukocyte counts. Such infections may occur as both symptomatic acute or chronic infections or silent, sub clinical infections without apparent clinical symptoms. Furthermore, especially for investigating infertility and implantation failure, such infections can cause sperm DNA damage through inflammation and production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) or more commonly known as oxidative stress.

For this reason, we always test the male partner too with the equivalent test to the female microbiome/infection tests and vaginal swabs which for men is the advanced semen infection testing.


SAMPLE COLLECTION: Self collected 

SAMPLE STORAGE & SHIPPING: Storage in the freezer. Shipping at ambient temperature.

RESULT TURNAROUND TIME: Depending on how busy the lab is, we estimate you will get your results within 5-10 business days from the day your sample reach us

Available Tests Code Price  
Advanced semen infection testing: Basic AST1001 320,00 €
Advanced semen infection testing: Full AST1002 440,00 €
Couples infection testing: Basic Microbiome CIT1002 590,00 €
Couples infection testing: Full Microbiome CIT1001 950,00 €
Advanced semen infection testing: Retest AST1003 200,00 €