Culture of vaginal fluid specimens in order to diagnose any infections of the lower genital tract and to evaluate the condition of the normal flora and leukocytes (aka pus cells, or white blood cells) of the patient as a direct or an indirect indication of infection. This test is commonly used in combination with menstrual blood testing (see “Hidden-C Test” panels), so that your doctor may have a picture regarding infections of both the upper as well as of the lower female genital tract – both active ones which give obvious symptoms, but also subclinical, silent infections that can be a “hidden” cause of infertility.

SPECIMEN TYPE: Vaginal fluid swabs

SAMPLE COLLECTION: Self collected (in lack of availability of a high vaginal swab test in a clinical environment by a healthcare professional, we can use a self-collection swab kit as an alternative). 

SAMPLE STORAGE & SHIPPING: Samples should be stored, until shipping, at low temperature (4◦- 8◦) in the refrigerator. Express delivery within 24-48 hours is recommended. Ship at ambient (“room”) temperature using the fertility kit box. Delivery of samples to Locus Medicus should be planned between Monday and Friday and not during the weekend or during bank holidays. It is recommended that sample collection and pick-up by courier should take place on the same or next day.

RESULT TURNAROUND TIME: Depending on how busy the lab is, we estimate you will get your results within 5-10 business days from the day your sample reach us

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although self-swabbing has been proven at least as accurate method of specimen collection compared to clinician-collected swabs by a large number of studies, patient collected, self-swabbing specimens, may be of low quality due to poor specimen collection by the patient performing the swab. our lab is not responsible for any false negative or false positive results due to inadequate specimen collection or cross-contamination due to poor handling of the swabs by the patient respectively. In case of doubt, or inconclusive results, we recommend re-testing by a healthcare professional collected specimen in a licensed medical facility.

Available Tests Code Price  
Self-collected vaginal swab culture VCI1001 80,00 €